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Dang Hiep's Corner
  • Dang Hiep's Corner


    "Dang Hiep's Corner" is the first solo exhibition marking the 10-year milestone in the artistic journey of the young painter - Dang Hiep. Of the 14 works introduced at this exhibition, there are 8 new works created in the last two years (2020-2021).

    Excerpt from the article introducing artist Dang Hiep:


    Gone are the rainy, sunny, hot, cold, wet, and dry seasons.
    Passed the ups and downs of ten years of continuous painting.
    The brushstrokes with the color palettes laid down carefully and firmly carry the weight of language and the persuasive power of emotions.
    Dang Hiep captures the spirit of the streets in the changing colors of seasons, blending the light into the dark of Hanoi with four seasons of rain and shine.

    We - Hanoi Studio Gallery, as an art lover, are very happy to immerse ourselves in Dang Hiep's artworks and to accompany him on his first emotional journey.

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