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Land of Lost Wanderers — Nguyen The Hung
  • Land of Lost Wanderers — Nguyen The Hung


    Land of Lost Wanderers”, is the name of Nguyen The Hung new collection.


    It gathers everyone together, brings us on a long journey just to get lost. And when we stop, we find ourselves dreaming in the artist’s garden, surrounded by a vast, boundless space.


    The year of 2018 marks a syncopation note in Nguyen The Hung’s artistic vision as he went out of his comfort zone to play around with a materials such as gold, silver, Son paint, water color or Do paper (both Do paper and Son paint are unique traditional Vietnamese material). Hung has been pushing, striving out to fully exploit the gentleness, the feelings and the strength that lurk within his materials. Layers of shapes hiding underneath layers of shapes that cannot be done on anything else rather than Do paper. Son paint is normally used for lacquer paintings, adds a rich tone of prosperousness, while conceals away untold secrets. Silver and gold together perplex and shine on Hung’s painting. The luxury that they bring is humble yet extravagant.


    In Hung’s new collection, the doctrines and philosophies that Hung used to position his layouts in his previous collection “Realm of the Clouds”, are left behind. Small details like pairs of hands, longing eyes, vivid lips, play hide and seek in Hung’s works, leave people wonder whether it is true or not what they see. During the journey in his world, out of all odd, a gold string appears in front of your eyes, connect spaces and objects together. For a moment, we are not lost anymore, the time and the atmosphere around us loosen up, in the artist garden – “Land of Lost Wanderers”.


    Hanoi Studio would like to present you Nguyen The Hung’s new collection- “Land of Lost Wanderers.

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