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"Listen, Watch & Tell" - Hanoi Studio's 20 Years Anniversary Exhibition
  • "Listen, Watch & Tell" - Hanoi Studio's 20 Years Anniversary Exhibition


    Twenty years – a period of time long enough for a young boy to turn into a man. 


    During a morning spent digging through a series of old photos and files, everything seems like just yesterday. Paintings, names of exhibitions, pictures of artists, laughter, smiles and even some sadness, all add up after the years to become Hanoi Studio’s own portrait. The portrait is not perfect. It is a pretty, but also full of scars.

    The journey has always been full of challenges and difficulties as Hanoi Studio has been working in human beings’ darkest corners and with many different personalities.

    Sometimes, you face great personalities who wrestle with their daily life’s problems, thoughts and struggles through their paintings. They pave the way through the mad realms of their own selves to find perfection.

    Sometimes, you float and wander with artists in their stories, get to know them and burst with them through their ecstatic, jubilant moments in art.

    But then, when the reality kicks in, you realize that outside of their moments, those characters are still trapped within the wheel of life’s daily matters.  They face mundane questions like “what is for dinner?” and “how do I pay the bills?” Arriving back on solid ground, you then have to find the answer for the big question: “how to bring these amazing artists with their God given talents out to the public?”

    The fight between art and reality is always there. But you always appreciate and feel thankful for the precious gift that life has given you – the opportunity to accompany and to fall in love with art and artists.

    Thankful for having a chance to meet raw talents.Thankful for finding a lost artist who has not found his path.Thankful for getting another youngster to follow his nature and instinct.And most of all, you feel thankful to be the person they believe in and entrust with their creations.

    Listening, watching and telling stories about an artist and his art has been Hanoi Studio’s pleasure since the very first day and will continue to be for many years to come.

    Finally, thanks to everyone for the love, appreciation and many other priceless gifts that Hang, Hiep and Hanoi Studio have received over the past 20 years.

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