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Sun, Wind, Water — Lim Khim Katy

Sun, Wind, Water — Lim Khim Katy


Personal Statement


"I was both born in and grew up in Saigon. My blood is a combination of a father from the strongly Buddhist country of Cambodia, and a mother from the beautiful country that is Vietnam I believe that my passion for art may have been predestined from the time when my parents first met and fell in love while studying art in outdoor classes. My inheritance has included a love of colour, a familiarity with paint brushes and an attraction to shapes from the time that I first became conscious of the sun and the moon. Art is a lover that I will be faithful to to the last. My paintings come from the feelings generated from the life all around me; from people's eyes, gestures, stares and the individual emotions that they show. These instants may come fleetingly but they are often profound and refuse to leave my mind until expressed on my canvasses. Looking in the eyes of my subjects, I often find myself.”

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