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Nature In Between — Mobile Artist Group Exhibition
  • Nature In Between — Mobile Artist Group Exhibition


    Ten years ago, a group of students, with a young professor from Hanoi University of Architecture started to organize weekend painting trips. Those trips were made for practicing plein air painting skills beside normal class work. Years later, those trips became the fundamental core of artistic personalities in these artists. Rolling in the vast space of nature must be a big challenge to the senses of the to-be artists. This gradually gives them the abilities to capture the light, the colors and even the taste of the grass, the trees, the land, and the air.


    The process of training and immersing themselves in nature has awakened the best qualities and skills of the young artists. Much has been revealed through their works in later years.


    Hanoi Studio Gallery is pleased to present the "Nature In Between" collection by Lưu Động (Mobile) Group, consists of five artists: Trinh Lien, Dang Huu, Duy Tung, Duy Hoa, and Dang Hiep.

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