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Pieces Here and There — Ngo Hung Cuong
  • Pieces Here and There — Ngo Hung Cuong


    Hanoi Studio Gallery is honored to present “Pieces Here and There”, a collection of artistic tales of the quiet and stolid Ngo Hung Cuong.


    Ngo Hung Cuong never seems to be in a hurry on his way to creativity. Slowly and deliberately he discovered and found himself an art space. Cuong’s 2011 exhibition, “Human’s Life - Fish’s Life” was a call of survival guided by nature. After 9 years, he’s going to make a comeback with a collection, named “Pieces Here and There”. Nature has now returned to every day’s tales of life in the shape of a tree, a pebble, or a flower vase - Everything of a simple and balanced world, after the struggles and the artist’s journeys between reality and dream to find and express his self.

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