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Stroganove Group's Collection
  • Stroganove Group's Collection


    Two generations of Vietnamese artists have spent years studying at Russia’s most famous school of industrial art design, the Stroganove. The first group came to the Stroganove in the eartly years of the 70’s, and the second group in the late 80’s and early 90’s of the 20th century. They are Tran Hay, Le Huy Tiep, and Huu Ngoc of the frist group and Nguyen Thanh Truc, Hoang Nghia Hiep and Ho Nam of the second group. After their study in Russia, they all came back to Viet Nam, teaching arts different art colleges in Hanoi, including the Industrial Art Colllege and the Cinematology and Drama College.


    Apart fromt teaching, they have continued to paint and many of them have succeeded in developing a style and a reputation of their own. Though doing  different works, they have a lot in common: the pride of being trained at Stroganove, the passion for creativity, the desires to share, to work and to enjoy arts. Together, they form the unique “ Stroganove” group of Vietnamese artists. Through their works, the Stroganove Group has been, and will be putting their own colors on the art canvas of Hanoi, making it as unique and differentiated as it is.


    Duong Thu Hang - Hanoi Studio

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